A 10% discount is available for all in-home consultations for pensioners and health care card holders, as well as for dogs that have done Puppy Preschool with me.

Pre-pickup Consultation

Before you buy your puppy or pick up an older dog from a rescue, let us assist you in the early stages to avoid having problems further down the track.
(In the present circumstances, this can be done online.)

Price: $100

There are a number of things to consider, e.g. the reason for getting the puppy/dog: Are you considering becoming involved in showing your dog? Participating in a dog sport? Or is this to be a companion dog for just you … or a family dog?

We will:

  • Discuss the suitability of breeds
  • Give equipment advice
  • Help to set up the house for your new puppy or dog
  • Discuss the housing setup, bedding, puppy pens, baby gates, toileting, feeding, enrichment, etc.
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Private Behavioural Consultation

This service involves us coming to your home or working with you at a park or other suitable location.
(In the present circumstances, this can be done online.)

First consultation: $150 in-home or $130 online
Follow-up consultations: $130 in-home or $110 online
(3-consultation and 5-consultation packages are also available at reduced rates: $375 and $610 respectively)

The first consultation usually lasts 1.5 hours. In this time we will:

  • Take a case history of the dog and discuss the behavioural problems you are encountering
  • Meet the dog and observe them and their behaviour
  • Discuss a management/training plan and future appointment schedule
  • Demonstrate some of the training to be followed

You will receive a written copy of the training plan via email, and we will follow up with a phone call or text to see how things are progressing.

Follow-up consultations are usually 1 hour in length and will involve:

  • Discussing your progress and any difficulties you have encountered
  • Doing some training together with your dog
  • Reviewing the program, if necessary
  • A follow-up phone call or text, if necessary

We can always be contacted during office hours to advise between consultations.

Private One-on-one Lessons

Individual lessons are available at your home or in suitable outdoor locations.

First lesson: $125
Further lessons: $80

The first consultation is for 1 hour and will evaluate where you and your dog are on the learning journey, and your individual needs and learning styles. We will develop a learning plan to suit you. and begin with some leash techniques.

Additional lessons run for 45 minutes, in which we will train 3–5 skills.

Lessons are to be booked in blocks of 5 or more.

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