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February 2020

Warm Tidings from Shanta

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Is it only Melbourne dogs that talk about the weather all the time?

I’m not sure, but the hot weather has certainly made sleeping very difficult. Usually I love to snuggle up under a doona but it has just been too hot for that. Some nights it has been so hot I have got off the bed and slept on the floor where it is a bit cooler.

I have had my wooly coat cut to a short back and sides to escape the heat and I feel much better for it.

If you are a lucky dog, such as my self, you really appreciate having owners that walk you early in the morning or later in the evening when the weather is not so hot.

Some owners do not realise that because we don’t wear shoes, we get burnt feet when the roads and pavements are hot.

Meg says if you humans can’t hold your hand flat on the footpath or road for ten seconds, it is too hot to walk your dog! She is very wise.

Sometimes it is so hot some of my friends say they don’t feel much like eating but I love my food and Meg serves it cool from the fridge. She even feeds me frozen chicken wings (which are delicious), doggy ice blocks that taste of chicken water and have treats inside and sometimes a chew sticking out of them like a handle, and frozen Kongs filled with goodies. Who wouldn’t want to eat that?

When I have been at home I haven’t spent as much time in the garden as I like to, but have lounged around inside in front of the eggnitioner (still no eggs to report). I was outraged to hear that some owners leave their dogs outside on hot days. Some have even been left without shade or water. That is so awful! I think … if Meg saw this happening, she would tell someone who would come and take those dogs away.

I am glad that there are less bushfires and it is not as smoky as it was a while back. That was really unpleasant and Meg says a lot of animals in the bush got killed.

I bet most of you didn’t know that Poodles were such thinkers. Only a Poodle owner would know that.