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April 2020

Shanta Cracks the Sads

By Enrichment, Food, Nosework, Puppies, Transport, Walking

Here we are and it is getting colder. It is dark already when I am getting my dinner. Something is very different. Is it weird at your house?

Usually I go for a walk with Meg and then come home and we have breakfast. Meg then goes out in the car. I don’t know where she goes, but she comes home with the smell of dogs on the legs of her pants. I don’t like that much.

And at night she goes out and it’s the same thing. On two nights I know that the smell is puppies, and one other night it is dogs. But the best night is when we go in the car together and I get to go sniffing. It is fantastic! I get lots of chicken and some chews while I’m waiting in the car for my turn.

But now everything has changed. Well not everything actually – we still go for a walk and have breakfast, but now Meg is sitting at the computer all day and I go in the office and stay with her to make sure she is OK.

She doesn’t go anywhere in the day or out at night. And we don’t go anywhere in the car to go sniffing.

I like it when it is warm and sunny because then we are in the garden for a bit. Meg is cutting branches and pulling up little plants and throwing them in the bin. I just don’t understand her. At other times she is putting plants in the ground and telling me to stay off the garden beds so the plants can grow.

I am a good dog and I don’t go on the garden.

Its very quiet at our house with no visitors, but I am getting lots of pats and snuggles.

Is it quiet at your house?