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May 2020

I’m Enjoying Snuggles

By Behaviour141 Comments

I can’t remember when it was that I stopped wanting lots of patting and snuggles. I seem to remember that it felt great when I was a puppy, but somewhere along the way I stopped enjoying it as much.

Mr Dillon, who was my house brother, had some rules, which he told me about when I arrived.

  1. All the balls belonged to him. I could have the tug toys because he didn’t play with them.
  2. I was not to get on the couch with the humans. He said they belonged to him. I think he didn’t like me getting on peoples’ knees either.

I think maybe that was when I stopped cuddling and moved away if I was being patted.

Dillon hasn’t been here for some time and now I’ve found that I really love sleeping on the couch. Sometimes I sleep tucked up around peoples’ feet if they lie on the couch. Other times I sleep curled up on a doona that is on the couch. I have my own pillows that I sleep on when the doona isn’t there. Meg puts it in the white box that swishes water around and sings a song before it stops. I am not sure why, but it smells different when I get it back.

I have a special, small, purple pillow that our friend Anne made for me when I was little. She thought that I would love to carry it around in my mouth like her dog Elroy did. I don’t. I love pouncing on it, attacking it and shaking it pretending I’m killing a very big rat.

Well back to the snuggling. I sleep on the bed with Meg and when it gets very cold I even get under the doona and snuggle up really close. Now that Dillon is not there on the bed with me I have a new game. In the morning when Meg wakes up, I push my head into her shoulder and rub my face around her neck and sneak in a couple of licks of her neck. Then I get up and stand on her chest and put my face close to hers and stare at her, which makes her laugh. She talks in a funny voice and says it feels like I am wearing stilettos. That must be a type of harness. She says, “I can’t take the pressure”. I am sure it is the intensity of my stares because then she is forced to get up and make my breakfast. I love our early morning snuggles. I bet Mr Dillon would be jealous if he was here.