Zoom Home School

A 4-week puppy course you can complete while social distancing

Price: $120

This course is run by Meg, and covers all you need to know about caring for and training your puppy to give them the best start in life.

This class is run via Zoom Meetings. You don’t need to download any software ahead of time. After you enrol, Meg will send you a link, a meeting ID and a password. Just click the link, enter the ID and password and you will connect to the class. It is best to test your camera and microphone ahead of time.

The course will cover everything from “sit” to “don’t bite the handler”, and also prepares your puppy for their real-life situations: Loving baths, going to the groomer and vets, walking nicely on lead and behaving when you stop at the café for a latte and a puppuchino.

Each class gives you plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

BONUS: You will also receive a comprehensive Handlers Handbook to support your learning.

Phone Meg on +61 421 063 733 to book.

Good Dog – Level 1

A fabulous 6-week course in which you will learn to teach your dog life skills

Price: $160

Skills include:

  • Sitting and staying when asked
  • Settling and chilling when asked
  • Coming back, even when there are possums or rabbits
  • Walking with the person on the end of the lead, and not pulling like a sled dog
  • Being the best and fastest dog at fetch in the park
  • Leaving stuff when their person says, even when it’s the tastiest snack in the hands of a human puppy
  • Listening to your every word
  • Doing simple tricks to prove to your neighbours and friends they really are the best boy or girl in town

High-quality videos show three of the best international trainers demonstrating these skills for you.

Each of the skills covered are taught in manageable training sessions of about 5 minutes, which of course you can do at any time, working at your own pace.

You will have access to a dedicated Facebook page that is exclusive to your class and you will be able to pose questions, be supported and offer support to others in return.

We will be on there each week to answer training questions for you and you can post videos of your training if you want us to help you with a particular exercise.

At the end of the 6 weeks, you will receive a certificate and earn bragging rights to post a photo of your dog with their certificate on my Facebook page.

Unlike some other courses that only remain available for a limited time you will own Good Dog – Level 1 for life.

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